Ponce in the News

April 2008 Ambush – “The Pursuit of the Ponce” (Golf Digest)

June 2, 2009: “Buddies Trip Planners Contest – And the Winners Are” (Golf Digest)

July 27, 2009: “Trip Planners to Pinehurst” (Golf Digest)

August 21, 2009: “The Complete Ambush History” (Golf Digest)

December 2009: “Buddies Trip: The Smartest People in the Room” (Golf Digest)

July 27, 2010: “Trip Report: Sea Island” (Golf Digest)

May 18, 2012: “Ambush Update: The Ponce is Going Across the Pond” (Golf Digest)

July 3, 2012: “Another Major, Another Ireland Golf Trip Winner” (Golf Digest)