PDL XVI - Sunningdale Golf Club Jeremy Bird - May 30, 2018 Sunningdale Golf Club - New Course: Practice Round Playing Partners: Henry Crofton, Michael Palmore & Bill Wainscott 2nd Hole, 155 yards Club - 7 iron Jeremy Bird remembers: "I was first to tee off and Darren, my caddie who had caddied for Kelly Kraft, the 2011 US Amateur champion from SMU who defeated Patrick Cantlay at Erin Hills, recommended playing a shot to the front of the green and letting it release.  Actual yardage was 155 to the flag.  I choked down on the 7 iron and hit a baby cut to allow it to land softly.  I watched the ball slightly cutting towards the flag and take one hop.  I couldn’t see the hole as it’s slightly uphill.  The hop was definitely towards the flag and I thought to myself, that should be pretty close.  As we approached the green up the hill, there was only one ball on the green but it was way back left.  I turned to Darren and said, no way that went in the f*****g hole, did it??  He raced to the cup and threw his arms up and started jumping up and down on the green with my bag still on his back.  It was my first hole in one on an 18 hole course.  Ecstatic to say the least.  I opened a tab after the round and it totaled 150 quid.  I got off light in my opinion."
PDL IV - Scottsdale Lawrence Thompson -  January 13, 2006 Raven Golf Club at Verrado - First Round, Stroke Play 17th Hole, 139 Yards, 7 iron THE SCORECARD - 111  !!!! LT remembers: "The course was the Raven at Verrado, Friday January 13th.  The format was team stroke play, so every stroke mattered, but Mac and I (Team Flying Wasp) were playing absolutely awful, against Palmore and Wainscott (Black Sunday).  So we were pretty sure we had dragged our team to a fourth place finish regardless.  So we were down, but still trying to do our best.  (Probably worth emphasizing that it may have been one of the worst rounds, and certainly the worst Ponce round, I have ever played. So we step up to the tee on 17, I was probably hitting last but I am not sure.  Pretty hole, slightly downhill with water to the right.  playing 139 with the flag in the center.  I hit a seven iron, which was well hit and came in left to right, bounced right up on the green, bounced again, and started rolling.   Tracking right to the hole and because of the downhill angle we had a full view of it the whole way and it was kind of one of those, “nice shot, whoa, whoa, WHOA, WHOA , WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” kind of deals.  It really developed.  All in about 5-to 10 seconds of course, but the point being you could see it happen, a nice shot, turning into a great shot, turning into the excitement of watching the ball drop.  Everyone on the tee of course just roared, I think palmore might have done a little jig. Mac was jumping up and down.  Great stuff.  A little extra fun was there were a couple spectators, maintenance and the cart lady. I got very lucky on the purchase of drinks.   It was the morning round of a double day, so I bought drinks for those that wanted them at lunch.  After the second round we went to Winns families for dinner, pretty much absolving me of any further drink purchasing. It was pretty awesome, a memory I will never forget."
LT has hit the only ace in Ponce competition. Below are a few other memorable shots by Poncers outside of the tournament.
Jamie Rankin - June, 2009 Piedmont Driving Club 7th Hole, 145 yards, PW Jamie: "The hole in one was incredible. For starters, I had a great caddie-Tee…very similar to Palmore’s caddie in Sea Island (Muscles I think was his name)..made the round that much more enjoyable…knows the course like the back of his hand..anyway, the guy had a story or a one liner on every hole…most of them I can’t repeat. However, the exchange on #7 was pretty funny…he told us it was playing 145 yards…I took my wedge out and he asked me what club I had. I told him and he said if you hit that club “you’re going to be shorter than a midget on his knees”…I’d like to think I was confident, but in reality I was probably lazy- I stuck with wedge and with one bounce it went in the hole. It was an awesome feeling. Not sure what my bill is going to be this month (had to buy lots of drinks in the clubhouse), but it was well worth it."
 Scott Winn - October 2002 Black Butte Ranch - Glaze Meadow Club. 5th Hole , 141 yards, 9 iron Scott: "I'm just that good. I'm surprised more of my par-3 shots don't go in when I hit em pure like that."