Three More Teams Announced for 2015 Ponce!

3. Michael Leahy – Guest of Henry Oakey


It is with great pleasure that I introduce Michael Leahy as my guest to the 2015 PDL. Michael works for North Coast Research and recently moved to Boston from Richmond Virginia. Michael is married to Maggie Beights, formerly of Charlottesville (STAB ’94) and the University of Richmond. They have 2 children, son Will (who tragically has developed an affinity for Syracuse), daughter Annie (a Wahoo through and through), and recently found out that they are expecting a third. (Apparently he has found a way to pass the time during a cold, snowy Massachusetts winter.) Michael hails from West Genessee NY, and was a teammate and national champion at the University of Virginia, where his Dirk Diggler kick celebration became legendary. He has not indicated whether he plans to play the PDL with knee high socks, but it is certainly a possibility. Michael was also a member of the Zeta Psi fraternity house, where his night time performance matched his stellar play on the field. The chief influence on his golf game was the esteemed teacher Chubbs Peterson — “Just easing the tension baby!” Michael is a southpaw with a knack for draining big putts in the clutch, and is known far and wide as a gamer.  – HFO

Current handicap index:  11.2


4. Tom Stevenson – Guest of Neil Thomson

Tom Stevenson

Tom is 35 years old and hails from Charleston, South Carolina.  He loves full moons, hot sauce, and fried chicken, and he is the father of “two studs”: Henry (5) and George (2).  Tom was educated at the College of Charleston and UNC Chapel Hill . He is a partner at Ranch Creek Partners (RCP), a telecommunications focused private investment firm.  Tom didn’t pick up golf in earnest until after college (a late bloomer one could say).  That said, he is now intensely passionate about all aspects of the game.  Tom’s home shingle hangs at the Country Club of Charleston, although he is known to loiter at several other goat tracks.  In terms of golf stories . . . “Have you ever gotten annoyed with cable companies, generally?  More specifically when they give you a five hour window for service?  Well, that dynamic gave birth to a personal favorite golf experience.  I’m in Florida at a hallowed club playing against the most senior executive at the country’s largest cable operator.  He’s kicking my ass and getting a bit smug about things.  He’s well-positioned off the tee and I’m naturally deep in dog mess off the left.  The needling from the short grass begins and I’m burning under the collar.  I pipe off and challenge the gentlemen (always talk shit to power!) to a one shot bet (terms undisclosed). He steps up and presents a beautiful, yet conservative play 25 feet pin high.  Reminder: I can barely see my ball in the junk and have an uphill play into a late afternoon south Florida wind.  Well, I close my eyes and let it rip (think a bashful Sergio at Medinah).  I nestle the nugget up there about 18 inches and show no emotion.  Just turn to the titan and offer, “what the fuck is up with your customer service?!” – NDT

Current handicap index: 4.6
5.  Kevin Adatto – Guest of Scott Winn

Kevin Adatto

A native of Portland, Kevin attended the University of Oregon and works in investment sales commercial real estate.  Kevin and his wife Virginia (great Ponce name) have an 8 year old daughter Harper and a 6 year old son Sam.  Kevin plays out of Columbia Edgewater Country Club in Portland.

Current handicap index:  10.0


Teams Previously Announced

1. Jeremy Bird and Kav Tucker (2.0)

2. John Klim and Rodney Jefferson (10)