Senior Open at Sunningdale G.C. Old Course 2018 PDL site: Sunningdale Golf Club is hosting this weekend’s Senior Open Championship .

Senior Open Championship July 23-23, 2015.

Pine Valley is a U.S. homage to Sunningdale.

In addition to having the best halfway house I have ever experienced in golf, ESPN produced a great piece:

Dogs Welcome at Sunningdale

I wish more U.S. courses allowed dogs.

Currently, Golf Digest’s #41 course in the world and #12 outside the U.S.

Sunningdale G.C. Old Course, Ascot, Berkshire, England / 6,627 yards, Par 70
A Willie Park Jr. design that dates from 1901, it’s perhaps the most advanced design of its day. Chopped from a pine forest but designed like a links, with the ninth at the far end of property, it plays like a links, too, for there’s a sand base beneath the turf. The Old has big greens, as Park put a premium on approach putting, and artful bunkers, with both angled cross bunkers and necklaces of sand hampering direct routes to some greens. To American visitors, the look of Sunningdale brings to mind Pine Valley or Pinehurst.
(Ascot)The Old Course was designed by Willie Park Jr, a leading player and twice the winner of the Open Championship. He was engaged by the original committee of the Club in 1900 and the course opened for play in 1901. It retains a high ranking in courses around the world as a fine example of a heathland course. It was here in 1926 that Bobby Jones played his legendary round of 66, 33 out and 33 back in qualifying for the Open Championship which he went on to win.
Virtually every hole is played in splendid – and beautiful – isolation, and in harmony with nature…….There is subtlety here, a measure of drama, and a wealth of that one indispensable ingredient, pleasurable excitement……No wonder it may be the most beloved inland course in the British Isles. 
All that being said, there are those who like the New Course, which opened in 1923, at least as well…The New is perhaps a bit more rugged than the Old, a bit more masculine, if you will…… This is rich and handsome and challenging golf, Harry Colt in top form.