Ponce Member Guest Teams 6-8 Announced

Team 6:  Michael Palmore and Charles Bayler


Charles grew up in Richmond and attended St. Christopher’s School.  He turned down a partial scholarship to Brown to pursue other interests at The College of Charleston.  The first of many wise decisions.  Charles, a career salesman, works for GE Healthcare.  He lives in Richmond with his wife, Ali, and two boys (Jack – 5 and Sam – 3).  Ali is more intelligent than Charles.

As an interesting side note, Charles and Henry Oakey are cousins.  I am hoping that while at The Greenbrier the caddy will not ask Charles to “please lay up” on a 150 yard carry shot to the green as the caddy suggested to Henry at a previous Ponce.

As a golf team, Charles and Michael have played together for many years.  A Championship title at Wolfest at The Country Club of Virginia headlines many of their golf accomplishments.

Current handicap index:  7.5


Team 7: Jamie Rankin and Cole Clarkson


From Jamie . . .It is with great pleasure that I re-introduce Cole Clarkson to the group. Cole (St. Christopher’s ’95, UVA ’99) hails from Richmond, VA, is married to Macon Hubard (St. Catherine’s ’96, UVA ’00) and has two beautiful daughters (Libby and Conway).  With two short stints down south after college (Atlanta-Braves, Austin-Trammell Crow) Cole decided to move back to the Richmond to open his own real estate shop-7 Hills Advisors Group (which he still controls and operates today).  If Cole’s not working or with family, he can probably be found in a duck blind, on a flats boat, or on the golf course. As many of you know, this isn’t Cole’s first Ponce. As a member of the winning team (Virginia Gentlemen) in Sea Island, GA in 2008,  Cole was instrumental  in getting the win and even getting the much deserved MVP honors for the tournament that year. In addition to having success at the Ponce and being a great friend,  I also chose Cole because he still uses a belly putter, has facial hair and has a renewed love of the game after having  to “walk away “  a few years ago to address an injured elbow. After almost two years of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (basically blood injection therapy) in the elbow, Cole’s back and feeling better than ever.  Having never missed a Ponce, I can assure you these factors will be a HUGE advantage for him (us) at the Greenbrier this summer on the tee box and on the green. I trust the Thomson boys won’t implement a clean shaven rule or BP ban (’16 PGA) for this year’s Ponce.

Current handicap index: 4.8


Team 8: Clark Coulbourn and Eric Strong

Eric Strong

From Clark . . .It’s with the greatest pleasure that I present to you Eric Thomas Strong as my guest at this year’s PDL Invitational. Eric is a native of Richmond, VA, attended The Bromsgrove School in England, Trinity Episcopal School in Richmond, VA then Hampden-Sydney College with a BA in Economics.  He currently is the Lead Advisor at Brighton Jones Wealth Management in San Francisco.  He and his wife Suzanne live in Mill Valley, CA and have 3 children Izzy (1 month), Thomas (5), and Audrey (7).

He is a member of Richmond Country Club in CA and Scott Valley Swim and Tennis Club in Mill Valley, CA.

Eric is an avid golfer and very focused on dialing up his golf game as he prepares for our 2015 PDL Invitational.

Eric knows all the HSC alumni of the Ponce, in addition to Scott Winn, Muscoe Garnett, and Richard Massie. He will integrate into our mission very well.

Current handicap index:  14.6


Teams Previously Announced

1. Jeremy Bird and Kav Tucker (2.0)

2. John Klim and Rodney Jefferson (10)

3. Henry Oakey and Michael Leahy (11.2)

4. Neil Thomson and Tom Stevenson (4.6)

5. Scott Winn and Kevin Adatto (10.0)