Bandon Primer – 10 Tips

  1. Dream Golf – Must Read for All Making the Pilgrimage to Bandon Dunes. Order it from Amazon here.

Bleacher Reports’ Will Leivenberg: “The book’s author, Stephen Goodwin, dissects the key figures who brought the Bandon vision to fruition, as well as the history of links golf. It’s an excellent resource before playing each course, mainly because you will grasp how Bandon ultimately represents a pioneering feat in the U.S. of an ancient Scottish tradition.

It’s also a unique glimpse into everything from the arguments among course designers to the elation among the first golf writers to play at Bandon’s inception. The book would’ve served as a comprehensive foundation for my experience, which is why I highly recommend it for every golfer headed to Bandon.”

Dream Golf










2.  All About My Annual Buddies’ Trip to Bandon by Matt Ginella

“Yes, the resort itself is not easy to get to, but unlike any trip to Scotland or Ireland, once you’re at Bandon, you’ll never need a rental car. You’re walking or shuttling to four championship courses, two short courses, a massive driving range, a two-acre putting course, multiple dining options, massage rooms and fire pits. Not to mention a solid wine menu and service with a smile.”

@fisherjemail: “Bandon is a special place because it’s as close to going to Scotland/Ireland as you will get in the U.S. You have four championship courses that every player in your group will pick a different one as their favorite.”

@andrewpienovi: “Because it’s Disneyland for grown men.


3. 10 things you must know about golf at Bandon Dunes in Oregon by Mat Ginella

“Locals will tell you September is the best month to go to Bandon…

Even in the summer, I pack my best rain gear. I always bring two pairs of golf shoes (in case one gets wet or they’re causing blisters). And never, ever, break in a new pair of shoes at Bandon Dunes.

With all the walking you’ll be doing, there are secluded parts of your person that will appreciate the regular application of BodyGlide and Band-Aids. Some guys will force shorts, but I generally wear pants, golf shirt and a sweater, even in the summer.”


4. Golf Digest’s Top 50 Most Fun Public Courses

#2 -Old Mac, #3 Bandon Preserve, #4 Pacific Dunes, #6 Bandon Dunes, #27 Bandon Trails


5. Bandon Preserve Review – BreakingEighty

“Under normal conditions, I’d imagine Bandon Preserve  is the ultimate drinking course. Grab three friends, some beers, and come up with some wild bets,  and I guarantee you’ll have one of the most memorable rounds of your trip to Bandon.”


6. Teeing off at Bandon Dunes, the best US golf course – Boston Globe’s Michael Whitmer

“Even the experts agree on the quartet’s strength: In the most recent Golf Digest rankings of the top 100 courses in the country — public and private — all four Bandon courses placed 74th or better: Pacific Dunes was 18th (one spot ahead of The Country Club in Brookline), followed by Bandon Dunes (No. 37), Old Macdonald (No. 55), and Bandon Trails (No. 74, one spot in front of Boston Golf Club). In the magazine’s listing of the top 100 public US courses, all four Bandon courses were inside the top 15, with Pacific Dunes No. 2, trailing only Pebble Beach.”


7. 11 Things You Might Not Know About Bandon – Golf Magazine


“If you’re flying in, chances are you’ll be making a connection that your golf bag might miss. Avoid that risk by shipping your sticks instead. It costs only slightly more than airline baggage handling fees (for $60, ShipSticks will send your babies from New York to Bandon via 6-day ground), and your well-rested clubs will be waiting for you when you arrive.”


8. Top 10 Essentials for a Bandon Dunes Golf Trip – Bleacher Report’s Will Leivenberg

Golf Balls: Better Safe than Sorry / Comfortable Shoes and Extra Socks / Warm Layers for Chilly Mornings / Take Caddies

“There’s no such thing as a flat lie, where the wind is relentless, where pot bunkers are preferable to gorse and where greens are commonly more than 50 yards in length.

If you plan on going to Bandon Dunes and hitting sky-high iron shots or chipping with a sand wedge from the thinly cut grass in front of greens, guess again. Bandon is a true test of links golf and, as a result, golfers looking to score need to adapt to the links style and emphasize course management, which caddies can be especially helpful with.”


9. Bandon Confidential: 10 Insider Tips For Your Bandon Golf Trip – Andy Bigford

“Arrive In Shape: It’s normal to train for marathons and mountain climbs, not golf outings. Ditch the cart and walk several rounds in the leadup to your Bandon trip, while also increasing your fitness regime in general, and it will pay dividends.”

Forget the Score: Set your bar at a reasonable level. Only about 10 percent of golfers will play to their handicap. Tight lies, no two bunkers alike, heavy air and swirling winds will add to the challenges. Play a best-ball game in your foursome and focus on that, rather than on your gross score.

Play the Bump-and-Run: Bandon’s greens are more receptive to low-running shots than ones with higher trajectories, so spend time practicing your run-up shots before the trip. Find a patch of hardpan at your home course and hit a few hundred balls to get in the groove.


10. Questions for … Bandon Dunes developer Mike Keiser – Golf Magazine

“George Peper, the former editor-in-chief of Golf magazine, is the ultimate authority on links courses. I believe in his definition, which is sandy soil with little or no agricultural value, close to the ocean and relatively few to zero trees and fescue grass.”

The only four courses in the United States they say are “true links” are Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, and Old Macdonald (all at Oregon’s Bandon Dunes Golf Resort) and Highland Links on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod.”