100th U.S. Open in 2000 at Pebble Beach: 15 Years Later


Pebble 2000


15 years later, check out this gem from the 100th U.S. Open at Pebble Beach at Wit’s End where Tiger Woods won by 15 strokes. Neil is wearing his classic “Legalize Maruyama” t-shirt, which was mysteriously shipped to Danny G a few years back???

Nine Future PDL Players Muscie Garnett, Neil Thomson, Wes Battle, Chris Harrick, Brian Lucas, Johnny Mac, Kirk Bedell, Tommy Keratzes and LT Thompson appear. Can you spot the PGA Tour player in the photo?

Top Row: Dan O’keefe, Michael Rogers, Muscie Garnett, Shane Miller, Ed Amorosi, Wes Battle, Neil Thomson, Chris Harrick, Max Ricci, Brad Faxon, Ted Roosevelt, Kris Photopoulos, and Brian Lucas.

Middle Row: Bill Pietragallo, John McAllister, Kirk Bedell, Toby Price, Temp Keller and John Hansel.

2nd Row: Jay Moody, Katherine Craig, Ben Heyworth, Blair Farinholt, LT Thompson, Lela Sparks, Ellie reese and Jackie Magher.

Bottom Row: Suzanne Flynn, Tom Lawhorne, Dan Gilbane, Bobby Proutt, Tommy Keratzes, Hunter Stokes, Molly Radcliffe and Molly Campbell.