16 Players to play in the 11th Annual Ponce de Leon Invitational


Neil and I are thrilled to announce that we have 16 players who have accepted the invitation to play in the 11th Annual Ponce de Leon Invitational at the Greenbrier.  We sent out 16 original invites and only 1 person (Mac) has declined (due to a scheduling conflict). Mac is a 10 year veteran of the Ponce and will be missed this year. So…. after a lengthy worldwide search of a worthy candidate and after enduring grueling interviews, we have secured our final spot for the tournament. Please welcome Brooks Brown to this year’s event. Brooks lives in Charleston and will certainly be a fine addition to the Ponce.  He is a single-digit handicap who has a love for the game.  He plays out of Yeamans Hall, and currently anchors his putter.  Married, a father of 3 young girls – Brooks hails from Memphis originally and graduated from SMU.  Please join us in welcoming Mr. Brown to Ponce XI…

Since the field is now complete, we will be sending out an email with teams and team colors soon.  Forthcoming as well will be the specific format of the tournament.  Make travel plans now to be in White Sulphur Springs by early afternoon on Wednesday, May 29,  for the practice round. Departure will be Sunday, June 2, 2013.

I will be asking for a deposit from you all in early April. The deposit is $445 per man.

We are really excited for this year’s Ponce as we come off an incredible trip in Scotland. The facilities are going to be perfect and it will surely be a phenomenal venue to prepare for those Redcoats in 2014!


Anchoring is not a stroke

Anchoring is not a stroke. It is a crutch, regardless whether stats show it…we are at point now where junior players are being taught anchor at outset – and that is fundamentally wrong.

Here is my solution:

USGA and R&A carries forward with anchoring ban, effective 2016.

However, one major concession…allow current (2016) PGA Tour and Champions Tour pros to use anchoring for remainder of professional playing career (be grandfathered in) – so this would neutralize any argument of Rule serving to take away livelihood and something that has been in use for 20-30 years (keep the Tim Clarks at bay)…only downside to this is it perhaps create stigma to those pros who continue to use it (ie those who will be on list of major winners with anchored putter; even though legal for them)… – but if anchored stroke is that important to them then perhaps it outweighs that stigma.

But the 2016 effective date allows elite amateurs and college players time to reform and make a good shot at pro tours…

Hopefully PGA Tour does not oppose – and complies with that.

And if Average Joes and Weekend Warriors etc want to use anchored equipment, then they can…so long as it is not in an event conforming with USGA Rules.

By the way, The Ponce will undoubtedly adopt whatever Rules the USGA / R&A enact.

I really don’t care about current pros / Finchem’s argument that there is no data to show competitive advantage of using anchored vs non-anchored…point is, anchored is inherently not a stroke, and juniors etc should not be taught anchoring at outset of learning the game…