Field Complete: Teams 12-14 Announced

Clay Thomson, 2015 Ponce Chairman, recently announced that the field is complete with 14 teams and 28 players.



BurpeeIt is with great pleasure that John McAllister welcomes his guest to the 2015 PDL member-guest, Craig Burpee.   As evidenced by his profile picture, Craig has been working on his game religiously since receiving the invite.   At 51, he is a commercial pilot and flies the Boeing 777 internationally for United Airlines, having been with United since 1995.  Prior to United, Craig flew P-3 Orions in the U.S. Navy and naval reserves for 20 and a half years.  A native of Maine, he graduated from Maine Maritime Academy in 1986 and has lived in Virginia since 2005.   Craig has been a member of Farmington C.C. since 2006 where he currently plays to a 7.1 index.  Noting he is giving up 10+ years to the majority of the field, he hopes to make up for what he’s lost in yardage with what he’s gained in tournament experience and has, in fact, won some of Farmington’s more fabled events including the 2014 Trick or Treat tournament (low net AND best costume – unprecedented in tournament history) and more recently the 2015 Spring Mixed (low net, first flight) of which he says, “If my wife could make a four foot, downhill,  left-to-righter we’d have won low gross.”  Craig lives in Charlottesville with said wife, Tracy, and two cats, appropriately named Lindy and Amelia.  Greatest golf memory:  Shooting even-par 36 on the front nine of Pacific Dunes in a three club wind.  Worst golf memory:  Shooting a 13 over-par 48 on the back nine of Pacific Dunes after playing the front even.

Current Handicap Index: 7.1





Bobby Biggers grew up in Charlotte NC, graduated from the University of Alabama. Marrried for 10 years to Sarah Bisland, he has two kids, Stella Ann 5 and Preston 3. Bobby has worked for Morgan Stanley for over 20 years.

He plays golf at Carmel Country club in Charlotte and carries a 15 index.

Hobbies include eating McRibs, watching tons of porn and tickling dudes when he is drunk.  He is amphibious and can hit from both sides.

He is looking forward to the wooden spoon.

Current Handicap Index: 15





Michael Aide’s guest is Jarrett Morrell, another Woodberry Forest alum in this year’s Ponce. Jarrett grew up in Washington, DC and graduated from Woodberry in ’91 along with Michael and fellow Ponce veteran Clay Thomson.  He earned a BSBA from Georgetown University and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.  His most crowning achievement however was marrying his wife of 13 years Adrienne.  Jarrett is a Vice President in commercial real estate at Colliers International.

Jarrett and Adrienne reside in Bethesda, MD with their three children Greer (8), Charlotte (7), and Anders (5).

Jarrett has tracked the Ponce closely over the years and his love of the game is evident by his most recent run of trips to the Homestead, Pine Valley, Pikewood National, Pete Dye Golf Club, WFS Father/Son weekend, and the Chevy Chase Member Guest.  I’m confident he will continue his torrid golf schedule in preparation of the inaugural Ponce Member Guest.

Jarrett is a member of Chevy Chase Club. While he’s not spending time with his family, working, or playing golf, his passion lies in all things DC sports in particular the Georgetown Hoyas.  He is also known to belt out a few tunes from time to time should a band or karaoke bar be anywhere in his vicinity.  While Jarrett has had a good run of golf trips this summer, the highlight thus far was road tripping to Pittsburgh with his wife and two girls to catch his 21st Rolling Stones show.

Current handicap index: 13


Teams Previously Announced

1. Jeremy Bird and Kav Tucker (2.0)

2. John Klim and Rodney Jefferson (10)

3. Henry Oakey and Michael Leahy (11.2)

4. Neil Thomson and Tom Stevenson (4.6)

5. Scott Winn and Kevin Adatto (10.0)

6. Michael Palmore and Charles Bayler (7.5)

7. Jamie Rankin and Cole Clarkson (4.8)

8. Clark Coulbourn and Eric Strong (14.6)

9. Muscie Garnett and Isaac Morton (6.5)

10. Wes Battle & Brian Lucas (8.0)

11. Clay Thomson and Ben Dupuy (12.0)