George Peper: The Thrill of the Chase

From the Desk of the Chairman, Neil Thomson

You may recall one of the principal inspirations for Ponce X in St. Andrews was George Peper’s book, “Two Years in Saint Andrews: At Home on the 18th Hole.” Available here.

He takes a pretty bold line on Tiger at end of his newest piece in Links magazine. As always, Peper is spot on!  Always about the journey, not the destination.  Tiger, at 38, with 14 majors is neck and neck with Jack’s pace – that alone sets the stage.  The fact that he continues to win 4 or 5 times per year (a career for most), yet his 15th major eludes him – only adds to the palpable drama heading into 2014 and beyond.  The world knows his talent and form are there – and that he is capable, but I get the sense that his pro peers have narrowed that once wide gap.  Tiger’s invincibility has been chipped away – perhaps in part by his own fall from grace, but also by the rise of his rivals’ own games.  I sense he will hoist more majors for sure – 4 or 5 more?, hard to say – but his desire and commitment seem as strong as ever.  He has had time and dug in the dirt enough to have grooved his new Foley-swing and regained his physical health.  On the metaphysical side, he is more human now than ever – and perhaps more likable than pre-fire hydrant…Which brings us to this – which is better: to be likable and human, or revered and untouchable?  Tiger straddles the middle of those perceptions, all the while stuck on 14.  Onward to Augusta!




George Peper: The Thrill of the Chase

I’d love to see Tiger Woods win at Augusta before going through another major drought so his pursuit of Jack’s record is drawn out as long as possible

By: George Peper


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